Developing power in hips

Guys, How do you train to develop explosive power in your hips??? I currently drop my hips substantially probably because of a recent growth spurt.

Thanks for your time


things like ol’s, squats, medball throws, sprints, plyos like spilt squat jumps etc.

Yea plyos would be a tremendous help, also squats, hang-cleans, power-cleans, flipping a large tire, dumb-bell lunge walk, dumb-bell split squat jump, wave-squat, stairs, pretty much anything where your bending at the hips with bending knee’s coming up to an up right position will get you more powerfull in the hips.

you know i have been doing the hills illustrated in the gpp and my accels feel crisp and smooth, also i seem to generate more power now in my hips. However i was told my hips are not generating near as much power because of over-compensation of the muscles around the hip, and usually you can produce more power if you also work on strengthening your weaknesses like the glutues medius. Correct me if i’m wrong.