Developing Hip Mobility

Guys, i need more force output from my hips and so i am following the programme below:

  • Twice a day i do 30mins dynamic stretching followed by 5mins deep static stretching
    -Mon, Wed, Fri i do step-ups and plyos

Sound right? How would you guys adjust this schedule for better results? i need more mobility and Power.


It seems like you need a coach. Badly.

Why are you hips so tight, can you touch your toes from a seated position?

What types of plyometrics do you do? Sets reps?
What event or sport are you training for?

i think my hips are tight from a HUGE growth spurt when i was in my late teens (im now 21). Ive since had trouble developing power from my hips

Do some basic range of motion tests. That would be a good indicator to determine if your hips are tight.