Determining CNS intensity of a giving sport

How do you detertimine the cns demands of a sport, so you can plan training accordinely. Is experiance the only way to determine how stressful different sports are on the cns?

The rates that motor neurons are firing.

Yep, its just that simple;)

Quoting the CFTS (Pg.32-Training Priciples):

“…during physical work the CNS fatigues first and causes the body to shut down before the peripheral musculature is totally exhausted.The organism perceives exhaustion before absolute exhaustion occurs.This differential between perceived exhaustion and actual exhaustion is designed to help the organism survive.”

Under this light wouldn’t be this CNS related differential more important -as a factor to consider in Training Design - than actual degree of CNS involvement in a given activity?

This differential would actually be the ultimate limiting factor to work upon,with rate of movements,firing rates and all neural components being variables dictated by the nature of the activity and to be investigated and considered in the given sport training process.

Obviouvsly the less room for “pacing” the performance bout,the more dramatic and evident it all becomes.

Any thoughts?