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I have a long term problem that need a solution. During the competitive cycling season I have a tendency to cramp in the quads. This is not a problem in training. Race distance does not seem to be a factor since it happens at most distances that I compete at. My question is where do I look in long term planning to fix the problem?

Diet-I do not eat differently during training then during races

training-race intensity is much higher then my training intensity,how close should training intensity for endurance sports be relative to racing intensity?

position-position on the bike can be different during the race because of the need to stand during the event to keep up. Normally during training I do not have to stand with the same intensity since there is no one to chase after.

stress-races are stressful could the extra mental stress cause the cramps?

travel-I drive 1-3 hrs to the races. Could that sitting in the car be a factor before the race? I know that it makes makes my back hurt after the race.

What areas could I look at to fix the problem from a planning stand point that I have not mentioned?

Assuming you are drinking enough water…

try some gatorlytes mixed in with some gatorade before/during your race. It’s not the best tasting, but it has worked well with a few of the people on our track team who are prone to cramping.