Depth Drop Rest Intervals

Who here incorperates depth drops into their training regime? If yes, what type of rest times do you use?

Questions about the study:

Why where no longer rest intervals used? Would a proper rest interval of allowed full recovery as opposed to the minimal difference between 15, 30 and 60?

Did they mean 15sec between jumps? I would take about 15sec between reps and a few minutes rest between sets.

After determining their optimal depth jump height, the subjects performed 3 sets of 10 depth jumps, each set with a different rest interval duration. The 3 rest intervals between depth jumps were 15, 30, and 60 seconds and were counterbalanced for each subject.

I presumed they are refering to interval between sets? If not, my fault. :rolleyes:

Depends on whay you are after. Generally the recommended interval between jumps is 15 secs. And 5 mins between sets. Less experienced athletes do not need such long recoveries between sets. More experienced do…

Thanks for your reply. I was just curious on others thoughts of the study, and If I was interprating it right - which I was’nt lol.