Depletion pushup #s for Mazda Optimists

Just out of curiosity what kind of numbers could Ben and the other Optimists get too in depletion pushups. I know it was usually done after accumulation day so that has to be factored in.

What is the protocol for these:
-Is it 30 or 90 second breaks?
-How many sets?

Are these done as an extra workout as I suppose? If so, when after the weight room stuff?

Advantages or reasoning for this? Guessing connective tissue strength?

survivial fibers…

Ohhhh, that helps. Got to love Clemson’s brevity.

Ok, I see it’s 3 sets w/ 90 seconds rest. I swear I saw it as 30 seconds on RL.

So if you lift MWF, would you do these on Saturday or T & R?

I do them on endurance days, since I don’t lift weights, along with some depletion dips. If I were lifting I’d probably do them on tempo/recovery days.

No, I don’t think so. If you were going to do an accumulation phase MWF then you could do them Saturday or you could do them a few times per week during the GPP before accumulation. It’s a strong muscular stimulus (“survival fibers”), when you do an exercise that’s usually low intensity to depletion all fibers get used.

The highest numbers for anyone in our group was 135 for the first set. It’s not written in stone, but you’ll usually hit about half that number on the second set and 2/3rds of the second number for the third set. (don’t tell the athletes what to expect or they’ll start “budgeting” , but, if you see that the second no is too close to the first, they prob didn’t “put out” on the first)

"The highest numbers for anyone in our group was 135 for the first set. "

Dear God. Thanks Charlie.

135…damn. Is that because of special endurance or what since these guys are fast twitch?

So I’ll do them on Saturday on the MWF split. I was also thinking of doing it one more time on either T or R as an extra workout on whatever day I did tempo.

I think it’ll interfere with lifting the day after. If you can do a reasonable number of pushups you could do more sets of less reps, i.e. 10*10 or something like that.