Depletion push ups before or after Big Circuit?

Are people doing there depletion push ups before or after big circuit?

I meant *their

Last day of the week after the circuit.

They can also be used as a main session doing gpp - EX

Mon: Heavy UB (Bp-rows-chins etc)

Thur: Light UB (Pullups-Dep pushups etc)

cool thanks

Still sore two days after Depletion push ups… thoughts on doing max lifting anyway? What are people doing to induce recovery for the upper body between depletion and the Speed day lifting two days later?

I think it’s pretty normal to be sore from it especially after the first time. Are you able to do hot-cold showers in your area? They are really helpful!

I do have access to contrast showers… never felt the contrast bath help my arms so much as axial structures and lower appendicular structures… thoughts?

don’t do extra repetitions at the expense of your push-up form

what’s so great about depletion reps anyway?

Good question… Angela, Number 2, James Smith, Duxx, Nikoluski… thoughts?

Wow - why are you doing a drill that you don’t understand the purpose of it.

In my experience they’re a good thing. Soreness will disappear soon once you get used to it.

I can’t speak for CF, but for me, they help me to be better able to endure the last 40 meters of any sprint race.