Density of Anaerobic Training

I recently attended a national coaching seminar in which a well respected presenter argued that:

  1. It takes approximately 10 yrs of training to reach maximum O2 uptake
  2. Lifetime glycolytic max can be reached in 6wks (so not worth working on).

I disagree but, do not have any scientific sources to provide a sound counter point. I am very dubious about the 2nd claim. Can any members direct me to literature or evidence to the contrary?

As an aside I was involved in a farcical dispute with the Anatomy & Physiology presenter who listed muscle as avascular tissue. Needless to say I am rather disappointed in the quality of our national coaching materials/presenters.

Can anyone provide evidence against the 2nd argument listed.

Thank you

What did he mean “not worth working on”?

What about the training that goes with it? It’s sort of like describing a racing driver and saying that because he can buy petrol he shouldn’t practice driving. Weird!

Simply that at any time most athletes are no more than 6wks away from their Glycolytic maximum.

I find that hard to believe.

It did make me ask the question if not 6wks then how many months/years will it take?