Denisty Training

Any Strength Coaches or Trainers out there use density as a way of tracking ones bodycomposition. I know I’ve seen some programs out there such as the one Charles Poliquin was promoting(German Body Comp.) that had high density training related to that program. I’ve just been trying to quanitfy some gains(losses in bodyfat) using a density formula hoping that it relates to increase growth hormone output post workout. Any one care to share what variables you use to measure denisty? I’ve been confused with some peoples formulas. Thanks Rob

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Here are some considerations for you:

The parameters which contribute to density training are as follows:

Duration allotted for completion of sets and repetitions
number of sets
number of repetitions per set

Depending on what the goal is, following are a few different methods in which you may manipulate the parameters.

You may decrease the time allotted for all work to be completed and maintain all other parameters- this would raise work capacity as well as promote hypertrophy

You may maintain duration and total repetitions yet increase %1RM, thereby, increasing tonnage and ultimately raising strength levels.

You may maintain duration and %1RM yet increase total number of repetitions, thereby, also increasing tonngage by way of raising volume as opposed to intensity. This would also serve to raise work capacity and promote hypertrophy and develop strength to some degree.


Ultimately, and in my view, I feel that density training is much more suitable as a direct method for raising work capacity and building muscle mass. Strength development comes indirectly to some degree, however, as a sole means of strength development I feel that most would agree that other methods are more favorable.

Remember, the premise for density training is to increase the amount of work performed per unit time, and in this regard, the yield is predominantly an increased work capacity and muscle hypertrophy.

In regards to, as you stated ‘tracking ones body composition’, I would recommend that instead of looking to a particular training method; you simply utilize measuring devices (calipers, scale, mirror, hydrostat, etc)

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Your knowledge is a definite gift. I had just read some of (name of performance coach witheld)'s on Density training. I’ve just been tracking some variables to see if it shows any correlations to bodyfat loss with some people. Ofcourse there is other variables such as diet and lifestyle, but it has been a useful tool to see if the density of a program goes up can that yield to better body compostions with athletes or the average person. I know there has been coaches such as Poliquin who have sold the idea of using high density training programs(ie German Body Comp) to try to illicit body fat loss, while trying to retain strength levels. Your help is great man, good luck with everything back up in NOr CAl. Hey man becarful of flexing biceps and soccer balls.