deep vs 1/2 squats

The way the that I have been doing them, and this is the way that was instructed, is to actually sit on the box for about a 1 count. Then explode up like a reg squat. So there is a pause when I am on the box

This seems fine also. I was stating to only touch lightly and then rise to avoid bouncing and possibly injuring the spine.

You do them ala westside: sit back onto the box, release the hips (pausing), then explode up.

Ben did 1/4 squats before Seoul only because he’d been injured and hadn’t squatted much that summer. Normally he did 1/2 squats (to parallel).

What was the reasoning for Ben doing 1/2 squats instead of full squats?Did he just like doing them?

BTW. With deep squats the ankle angle decreases at the bottom hence gastocnemius activation increases

So, is it just a personal thing, what you like to do best or are there diffirent benefits? And how about mixin deep and 1/2`s in the same session?(2 sets each)

And Charlie, it would be intresting to hear why Ben did 1/2`s…

From my experience, during volume phase doing 1/2’s as a complement really helps increase your strength in full squats (we did a double turn schedule during this preseason with Mon, Wed, Fri full squat + leg extensions, leg curls, inverted press, and on Tue, Thurs deep frontal squat, 1/2 squat + cleans, plyo, jumps, etc), in particular it gets you back used to the heavier weights and you feel much more comfortable when you do full squats. During competition phase we keep doing the same routine but with 10% decrease in weights for the first month, then a month before we want to peak we cut the Mon, Wed, Fri sessions and do only the Tue and Thurs routine at around 70-80% fast 1/2 squat. During that first month of competition, while we are still doing full squat you definitely feel comparatively fatigued on the track when combined with the increased intensity on the track.