deep tissue work on spinal erectors

does it make sense to tape 2 tennis balls together so that i can perform deep tissue work on my own spinal erectors?

a foam roller does not make any sense for the obvious reasons, but has anybody tried this before?


yes it makes sense;jsessionid=7568B6A404C817DA04E81B96E0E38A46.hydra?id=1259323

See the “Thoracic Spine” part…

Good find Niko :smiley:

I’m really big into the whole self massage thing at the moment…I found the taped tennis balls thing very interesting. I currently use a hockey ball to sit/lay on for the deep stuff.

thanks didnt remeber t nation had so much stuff on self massage…

What do people think of this one?

I actually use the foam roller in the lumbar area with pretty good results (short one, not the 36 inch long one). If I can’t seem to get a spot I use a ball (I think its a Fitball- an inflatable rubber ball 5 inches in diameter). I’ve heard people use a lacrosse ball as well.

The whole article is great thanks Nik

The tennis ball thing works better if you just put the tennis balls (new ones are obviously harder then older ones) in the toe of a long sock. Tie the sock to lock them into place and then lie away.

Just make sure there is enough room between the tennis balls so you don’t press directly on to the spinous processes.

For an improved effect, keep the tennis balls in the freezer prior to using them. Enjoy.

I use 2 rocks that are about the same size as tennis balls. Works great!

Sebastian, what do you use the foam roller for? Mostly quads?

two tennis balls made into a rubber blob, i cant believe people by this.
but by this product you can see the 2 tennis ball theory has something to it