Deep Tissue (How close to competition?)

Deep tissue work the day before competition would obviously not be wise. What would be the cloest to competition that you would want to get this type of work done to illicit a benefit in performance?

I would say 3 to be safe. 2 may be cutting it close. I would also do some light tempo and stretching after so u wont be too sore.

After 3 days, you would be sure that recovery would be ok, but the muscle density would still be less than optimal (maybe too much less).

Too much muscle tone = less fiber available to contract

Not enough muscle tone = less elastic response or even injury

The intensity of the massage etc would be a very important issue here

Deep tissue is totally relative. If you have therapy constantly, then deep tissue work isn’t going to leave you very sore, so you can do it within 3 days with no problem, BUT, if you seldom get therapy, then deep tissue work could leave you bruised and sore for days on end so you need at least a week to recover.
(Take my word for it on this one. Several times, when consulting with NFL teams, I’ve be sent to check out their massage services. These people can figure out I’m not a player- so I must be a spy! They then want to show how deep they can go on me and I end up covered in welts)

I will get deeper structural work (rolfing) as close to competition as possible (1 or 2 days before) but I am used to this and it’s only to specific areas (not total body). If you have someone who likes to just crush your entire body I would give it 3+ days especially if you’re not used to it. Buyer beware. One of my guys once got some work done the day before a meet and literally could not compete the next day due to soreness.

I guess I’m basically saying the same thing everyone else said.

I once did it a day before and cramped up at the meet. I drove 3 hours just to cramp up. lol lesson learned