Deep Heat Ointments

What is the best heat producing ointment to use for soreness, tightness or cold muslces etc.? I remember Charlie stating a particular product once but I can’t find the thread.

He mentioned that “Atomic Balm” (umm, I think, I hope I don’t have the name wrong, sorry if I do) is very serious stuff.

Was it not DMSO Richard, I know he reccomends traumell for inflamation?

I personally like the Hungarian product, NICOFLEX - so far, I haven’t found anything that gets as hot and MAINTAINS the heat producing effect for as long.

Tiger balm available from boots, just dont put it near your nuts! :eek: (learnt the hardway trying to get the top of the hammies)

I use denocrub extra strength.

Note: to clean hands, rinse in water first than wash hands.

Re: nuts I played my best game of field hockey because of that

Nuts … mmmm reminds of the time I saw someone mistake Deep Heat spray for deodorant … ouch!

oops a-j :eek: :frowning: :frowning: :eek:

Try biofreeze or toast.
Toast is serious shit. You cant take a bath for about 2 hours after you put it on or you feel like your legs are in boiling water. even if the shower is cold.

How about a heat pak with some towels over top to keep the heat in?

If you are going to use a rub on heat ointment, make sure to cover the area so that the heat gets trapped, and so that it penetrates deeper. Usually the heat is only on the surface and does not go deep. I have used many brands. Absorbine Jr is what I use now. I just get the biggest size that they have and use lots of it. I have used Equitite, for horses. Woah, I am no stallion. That stuff was intense!

super-strength tiger balm did some interesting things to my hammy… i don’t know if it actually helped heal anything, but it definately did something! lots of hot/cold and tingling… helped me not completely pull my hamstring during a comp when i was working through lesions and other very painful stuff…

Herb is right, wrap the area with cling film or something! I remember charlie stateing somethimg like that but he suggested using it when you go to bed i.e put on the rub then wrap with film and then wear loose joggers or something!!!