Decreasing swelling

A week and a half after I sprained my ankle, there is still some swelling (albeit less) in my ankle. During the first five days, the swelling decreased incredibly. However for the past five days, the swelling has remained pretty much the same. Is there anything I can do to decrease the swelling besides RICE?

Over here we have a gel with a compound called hepatrombine(maybe it’s called differently in the US).
Protocol that worked for me is: ice massage 5min,wrap ankle into something warm(towel and blanket over it) for about 15-20min and apply gel.You should do this a few times every day

Would self-massage ie. foam roller help?

I don’t know cos I’m not a physio, but I think the biggest problem is the injury to the ligaments and not so much the swelling.
I’d go with the ice massage and walking as much as pain permits it.Also physio treatment such as ultra sound, hydro massage, electro therapy etc. helps if you can get it.
How bad of a sprain was it?

Our trainer said on a scale from 1-3 with 3 being the worst my sprain was a 3.

Ooooh :frowning: ugly
I had one of those and it took me about 6 months to start walking without a limp and about 10 to begin training.Don’t fool around, get GOOD physical therapy and use the ice thing daily.
Hopfully someone on the forum more qualified than me can give some tips

Massage and warm whirlpool. Are you sure it’s grade 3? How much disability do you have?

There is a product called “Lectric Soda” (available in the washing powder aisle of the supermarket) (comes in crystal form).

Fill up a sock with it, tie the end, wrap it around your ankle then wrap a towel around the sock.

Go to bed.

In the morning the Lectric soda will be set like concrete and hey presto the swelling will be down .

It works (hard to believe)
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Thomas -

I don’t have access to either except for a foam roller which I use occasionally. The trainer at my school confirmed that it was a grade three sprain because of the extreme swelling and bruising and the fact that I could not bear weight on it until 5 days after the injury.

3 weeks after the injury I am practicing but I’m still limping a bit when asked to sprint and change direction. Before practice everyday I am doing theraband 3-way ankle entensions and then hot/cold therapy after practice. The ankle is still a little swollen and sore. My coaches say I’m playing very tentatively. I’m considering making the decision to forgo the last three weeks of football season to let my ankle heal, protect it from further injury and get myself ready for offseason training for spring lacrosse. Does anyone have any advice?

I have an athlete with a similar problem who is going to attempt to finish out the season. The only thing I can add to the posts here is if you decided to continue playing look into some form of elastic brace, which the school trainer should help you with. Self massage wont hurt, I am not sure how much help it will be. My suggestion would be to perform it after icing, or any other time when the swelling is minimal.

There area a couple things i would reccomend to get the inflamation down.

First. If you have not tried a contrast shower or baths i would try that. Meaning hot and cold water, going from one to the other.

Second. Take fish oil in high dosages. Fish oil is a great anti inflamitory.

Third. try sleeping with you leg slightly elevated with a rap.

When you are practicing is your trainer taping it?
Be carefull with massage. If you damaged some ligaments you want to let those heel. I would stay away from the foam roller. Just do the ice massage with a dixie cup.

Hope that helps

  1. doing the hot/cold therapy

  2. no fish oils - I’m allergic

  3. already sleeping with leg elevated

Yes our trainer is taping it before practice. I’ll stay away from the foam roller and add the ice massage.

Thanks for the help

Try eating a lot of cherries. Those are also good anti inflamitories.

Try eating a lot of cherries. Those are also good anti inflamitories.


How many pounds of cherries do you have to eat to get an anti-inflamatory response? If it did work…

                             forget it.  That's too ridiculous to respond to.

Forget the ice except after activity or rehab where you may have some renewed edema. Have your athletic trainer perform cross-friction over the ligaments, lymphatic massage after. Grade three tear may require surgery depending on degree of laxity and/or loss of confidence in ankle.

Anti inflammatories is a good idea. The flushing you get from contrast showers would help, do you still do RICE? I apply 3 sets of 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off from a cold pack on my shins. At anytime possible wear as much cushion, padding, and support as possible to prevent further damage.