Decent Blocks Under 100 Dollars?

Anyone know of any?

I know you said under $100, but the best for the money I think are the international blocks from Springco. There the same type of international blocks that gill makes but a lot cheaper. I found some for $120. I’m gonna order some before the start of the outdoor season. And i’m gonna try to get the school I coach at to order about 4.

How does one prevent blocks from moving if there isn’t anyone to hold them?

You hammer the stakes(pins) into the track through the slots in the frame. I wouldnt hammer them in ALL the way though unless you’re positive you can get them out, or else theyre stuck heh. See the link posted above? There are two slots in the rear of the frame, and one slot in the front on the frame. There are also three stakes shown.

If you dont have these stakes then you’re gonna have to find a good substitute, or somehow order them.

If you meant hold the actual blocks, as in the pedals, There are ridges on the frame in which they fit into all over the length of the frame.

Hope I didnt misinterperate your question though.

I’ve seen the stakes before, but none of my local tracks have surfaces deep enough to hammer spikes into it. i wasn’t sure if all tracks were similar.

does anyone think these blocks would work if nailing stakes into the track wasn’t possible?

NO WAY! Those would not stay in place.

yeah…they don’t look very sturdy. i might have to buy stakes that go through ashpalt from a hardware store.

Just drill through the asphalt, then you can just slide the pins in. Thats what I did heh. But I prefer sprinting at the track anyways.

the local HS tracks in my city are asphalt covered with about an 1/8" of running surface. :frowning:

Off-Topic, but this is AnabolicBMX from I’ve been reading a lot of your posts over the past few months and you’ve came a long way. Keep up the good work, bro.

Ahh I dont know what you should do then man. Hah, drill through the damn track anyways. Nah, seriously, I dont know what to tell you, sorry. Maybe you could use “small-stakes”. theyre small screws that you can screw into the track, and they only need to be screwed in 1/4 to 1/2" at most, so unless you werent exaggerating about 1/8", that might be a viable option. But I havent had the need to use these small screws, so I’m not sure how well theyd work. I wish I could go further into this, but I’m not knowledgeable with that method. Hope you recieve the information you need though.

I thought it was you, but I wasn’t too sure. Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. :slight_smile: Theres no where to go but up now! How’s your liftin and life goin?

no problem, bro. my lifting is going well. i’ve made quality gains on all of my lifts over the last few months without putting too much mass or losing any explosiveness. ya can’t beat that, right :cool:

does anyone else have any suggestions for those of us who can’t nail the blocks into the ground? i might have to bite the bullet and try the blocks i posted earlier.