Decathlete plan

My son broke his ankle earlier in the year playing basketball. He has just returned to track and is in his third week of training. His primary competition (probaly his only) is on July 15. which most likely doesn’t give him time to get any near ready for peak.
He is just about to turn 16 and has done mininmal weight training. Should I start him on AA weights now or wait until
after his competion is over?
Also I have been trying to put together which excersises to do for AA. Please give me your feedback.
Profile: 16 yo 6’2" 180 lbs Decathlete
standing LJ 2.80, flying 30m 3.40, 50m 6.38. 1rm bench 150?

Back extensions
standing leg curls
dead lifts
bench press
toe raises
knee lifts

Thanks for any input. Joe

I think it is too late in the season to start a serious weight program as your son has less than six weeks to prepare for his competition. Does your son have a coach, or are you his coach?

Loose the knee lifts- otherwise the lifts are OK. You might as well do some AA lifts as you can’t stress the ankle too much with other kinds of work so soon. Don’t get too worked up about July 15th- not much you can do by then.

Rows and/or Pullups/chins?

Are there any lifts I am missing.

             Thanks Joe