What is the point of having a mixed grip when doing deadlifts? Why can’t you just grip the bar in a “normal” way?

A mixed grip is a stronger grip. However unless you need grip strength i would just use a normal grip and straps if you need them.

Try the hook grip (used by OLs) if you aren’t; thumb under the index and middle fingers, this might be stronger than both?

Agreed. It takes a couple of weeks to get used to this style of grip (you’re thumbs will be SORE). However, once you have the technique mastered, you’ll rarely have to use straps again.

with a mixed grip your bicep tendon is at risk…don’t let it snap up like a window shade! gradual improvement is key.

Well I use a hookgrip and the most I can hold in a double overhand grip in a clean deadlift is 353lbs for 3reps, after that it slips out of my hand, even though my pulling muscles are good for more reps/poundage :slight_smile:

But I am working on my grip strength with an Ivanko SuperGripper etc
I hate straps

hmm, ive never really had a problem grip strength, i think the power cleans and deadlifts built it…along with grappling…

One hand over and one hand under is for balance and grip. Most PL do it.

I’m an OL so I do both over. The other style is too unfamilar for me and I’d just go with what I have been doing for the past 2.5yrs instead.

I also rock climb so my grip is insane.

I can deadlift 308lbs with ONE HAND grip on the middle of the bar.

Hook grip for DL heavy I have never tried but my hook grip is good for my OL. Feels strange to OL with any other grip but for DL I don’t know?


One of the lifters on (Bob Youngs) said something like he felt the alternate grip shouldn’t be used much in training, because the alternate position can lead to an imbalanced loading of the spine. For what that’s worth

IMO mixed grip deadlifts are worthless. Grip strength is so easy to build and injuries suck.

I’d say 99% of all powerlifters deadlift with a mixed grip, and less than 1% of them are ever hurt by it. 1% might be too high, as well.

It’s a matter of correctly adjusting you hand spacing so you get an equal pull from both arms.

There’s also the obvious trick of switching grips with each set.

The hook grip is OK, but few people bother to build up the pain tolerance and weird calluses for it to be effective with very heavy loads.

Very few people can match their mixed grip with a double overhand. If you don’t care, just use straps, because that’s an improvement over even the mixed grip.


Im a powerlifter and only use mix grip when i cant double overhand grip it

Just because the risk of injury is low doesn’t mean it should be taken. If you double overhand you’re not only safe, but assured that you are working each side of your body in a more uniform manner.

Any sporting activity has a certain inherent risk. I’d say the long term benefits of being an athlete far outweigh the risks of training.