deadlift form

There seems to be two types of DL form:

doing each rep basically dropping the weight (ie minimal negative)… resetting and then lifting again.

Or do each rep with a relatively controlled negative (not slow at all tho)… touching the weight to the floor and then going back up again right away. So it’s somewhat of a bounce but not really.

I find the first one harder because i have to reset betwen each rep… the second on is easier because the form doesn’t break down as easily and you don’t have to waste energy resseting… but ofcourse ppl will argue that you’re “bouncing” the weights…

So which way is the better one? (or if you have another description please post it)

I actually find the 1st easier if you aren’t completely bouncing the weights because you don’t have the eccentric stress. If you are just bouncing off the ground then you aren’t doing as much work so of course it will be easier.

do you actually drop the weight? b/c i set it down (ie i still have the weight in my hands, but let the weight down quickyl…

Just drop it. If you let it down very quickly that is also different. If you do it controlled and bounce it you are cheat a good portion of the lift.

do they each have their own benefits? or is the “just drop it version” the best for strength of the three?

I would do either dropping it or keeping your hands on it and dropping it (essentially the same thing you just follow it down). Bouncing isn’t a good idea. Don’t do it.

Best of both worlds: lift the weight, control it down, reset technically, bring it back up. I’ll never understand doing a half lift.

When I do my deads, I pull, “set” the weight down. I don’t remove my hands, but just reset my grip and pull again.

Deadlifting should be like you are unfolding your body, and then folding it again at the same speed. Deload the weight after each lift (set it on the ground), hence the name DEADlift.


Huh? I don’t quite get your etymology of deadlift. As well, unfolding sounds like you are doing something funky with your spine. Please explain in more detail. I just want to understand.

Like, the movement should be the same going up and then back down. If I take a video of someone deadlifting, and then rewind it, the movement should look almost identical going down as it does going up.

The negative portion of his deadlift is almost the same as the positive.

I hope that explains it, I’m so bad at explaining stuff lol.