DB Olympic Lifts

What’s everyone’s opinion on the use of DB versions of the OL’s? From a power prospective how effective are they for power development and do any of you guys use them in your training?

If you are aiming at power development that should answer itself. Even if you are db snatching 135lbs w/ 1 arm (which would be pretty impressive), that is still only a 135lb load for 2 legs.

the only db ol i use are 1 arm db snatches, i sometimes llike to finish my day off with some kind of explosive movement and i think db snatches are great. the volume is pretty low: 4/3/2 or 4/3/2x2 and the weights are not heavy anywhere from 70-95lbs.

I like them for warming up and maybe general strength depending on the situation.


For more information on DB olympic lifts, check out anything written by Air Force strength coach Allen Hendrik (sp?). He even has 30+ rubber platforms just for DB olympic lift work!!

I too agree that DB olympic lifts have a place in training. Obviously, remember that the crossover to the barbell versions is nil…

good luck

What’s the point for so much? I like it for some things, but I don’t think i would build a weightroom or a program around it…

I put them right up there with Olympic lifts on physio balls. Too much energy (neurological demand) placed on balancing the weight (skill) and trying not to kill yourself (or dislocate your limb) and not enough on generating power and placing a high-recruitment demand on your neuro-muscular system.

On top of that, there’s always a bunch of dumb-asses who start doing those lifts because they are “trendy” without the proper progression in place and they end up hurting themselves, hurting someone else nearby and damaging equipment (like platforms and dumbbells).

I disagree.

I find they take ALOT less skill than the BB versions (primarily DB snatch vs BB Snatch). I only ever use DBs for Snatches or Swings.

hes not talking bout that kind of skill, it takes too much effort to try and balance etc.

In the context of a sprinter, these aren’t probably too useful. For other athletes, it might be a good accessory movement.

Yes - thanks UTF. The need for balancing (and inherent risk) negates the ability to move heavy weight powerfully. It becomes you versus your body in a fight for self preservation.

Wouldn’t that be part of the benefit depending on the athlete’s level/classification? Often, it is the fact that a given technique with a lift/exercise is the very reason I will select that exercise. Often with young athletes, it is to limit the total load. Obviously, it is not a true power version. But benefitting development and assuming a proper sequence/progression, absolutely. Thoughts?

Cetainly - I would probably expect this type of lifting to be done as in a preparatory phase for general coordination and strength. But using them as a replacement for Olympic lifts is not appropriate. I think many people feel they can benefit in the same way through doing dumbbell variations, which certainly is not the case.

Nonetheless, I still personally feel that the risk to benefit ratio leans more towards the risk side in this case. People will tell me that dumbbell snatches are doing a lot for them, but I see no tangible proof that it is doing any more than burning calories and teaching a very specific skill (not related to any sporting movement or recruitment pattern). But this is just my opinion.


Funny you mention not building a weightroom around the lifts.
If you get a chance, check out their weightroom on line…it’s absolutely amazing. The rubber platforms don’t even take up 1/4 of the room! They also have 40+ regular platforms and power racks…It’s so big because all of the cadets have to lift at the same time!


Here’s the link

check out the photo gallery. This place is amazing!

Coach Hedrick gave a presentation on the new facility 2 years ago at the NSCA convention, and it blew everyone away.


While were talking about DB OL’s, check out that link/video. It’s Ross Enamait, he’s 170lbs and he’s doing 125lb DB Snatch.