DB Hammer's Identity

Rick Brunner=DB Hammer???

I know this topic has been beat to death but just wanted to throw in my two cents. I was going through some of my old books and training manuals and came across a book written in 1990 by Rick Brunner (an All American hammer thrower from Cal-Poly in 1979) and Ben Tabachnik (a former Soviet track and field coach, creator of the sprint “parachute”). “Dietrich Buchenholz” has claimed that he was a hammer thrower as well and that was the connection. The book was called Soviet Training and Recovery Methods. I also found an old manual from a company called “Atletika” which wrote training programs and sold supplements based on Soviet research. Two of the founders of Atletika were Jay Schroeder and Rick Brunner. My guess is that Rick Brunner is somehow associated with DB Hammer (similar writing styles), since Inno-sport and Evo sport share similar training methodology. Not that it is important, but several people were interested.

Clemson’s tips on being “in the know”.

(1) puppets are sometimes average coaches following a “master” …don’t believe the hype.

(2) every one cares about what coach is working with who…reverse it…what athlete is working with who. Athletes are high profile. Who is doing what and making gains…

some athletes train themselves since nobody in the area is worth it and they travel for one week or two week intensive sessions with coaches and tons of physiowork. Consulting seems to be the new trend…with the help of a gold’s gym trainer that just does what is required. Anyone one more qualified will want to change things up to do it there way.

DB Hammer said in one of his Q & A’s that he was on a team flight with the Oakland A’s.

He’s also referenced the A’s in an article

Absolutely not. I am friends with Rick and can assure you that he has no involvement with DB Hammer.

DB Hammer = David Brad Nutall

Former Jay Schroeder protege.

How do you know for certain? (Not doubting you, jw how you came about this knowledge)

Finally! Some answers! I believe this bc if David was Jay’s protege it makes all the sense in the world. Think about it!


Jays and Brads programs utilize the same methods but perhaps in subtle different ways.

Finally, they are both from Mesa, AZ.

The funny thing is that I recognize the music in one of the short videos its a genre called reggaeton which is really latin and miami type sound, really popular here in chile now, it originated in central america… Is that the new training secret DB Hammer has??? BAD MUSIC???


bad music = more desire to finish training quicker therefore higher intesity and les training time… that’s it!!! I’ve figured it out!!! DB’s SECRET TRAINING TECHNIQUE!!!

oh for those interested, the song says “tiene tremendo culo” which means “shea has an awesome ass”

Can anyone tell me (assuming DB is Brad Nuttall) why all of this talk about a secret compound in germnay and stuff like that was spoken about by DB himself? Why make a hidden identity and mask your location, who you train, and where you train? Does DB fight crime at night… :stuck_out_tongue:

what about lyrics to Louie, Louie? :smiley:

I can look em up, but I’m probably sure they’re talking about the jumper in the vid… she’s pretty hot!! :smiley:

I don’t know, but does Brad have any training credibiliy, i.e., has he trained any athlete of note. Maybe lack of track record is the reason for the facade.

I believe Brad has worked with a bunch of high level baseball players

It seemed to me that the only sport/athletes DB talked about with good perception of the situations was baseball. No one from Germany would have that grasp on the game. He also wrote a good analisys of the US S&C environment somewhere, and that, too, sounded much like coming from “inside” the system rather than outside (Germany).
One last thing, his effort to make his writings “european sounding” and less intelligible was only successful in the latter as he showed little understanding of the latin and teutonic roots of words, which is typically the case with american people.

P.S.: Reggaeton is NOT bad music :slight_smile:

hahhahaha, depends on what you like though, I wouldn’t mind that jumper in the vids dancin reaggeton up on me, but to listen to it just for fun?? hahahaha depends, on your mood.

Sorry If I don’t agree with you, but I feel it sounds kind of “pre-made” like all you do is press a few buttons on a pc and you’ve got a new reggaeton song. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pero a ella le gusta la gasolina y a mi me gusta ella :wink:

Let’s go back to the topic…

His early writings aren’t European sounding, they merely are aligned with the original definitions of the words as used by the Eastern Europeans and Russians.

A quick glance at Zatsiorski, Verkoshansky, Medvedev, Siff, etc. would show that his terms like Mio-Iso-Plio etc. were all used in the way DB does long before DB started writing…

Along with this, his dropoff methos has been around forever, but it merely hasn’t been embraced by the Bike short / Green tube sock wearing group who dominate the college S&C world presently. Poliquin wrote about this method quite a few years back in his Principles book… and we used it HS bavck in the late 80’s…

Name 6x4, @ 85% or until you can only get 3 reps… whichever is first…

So, maybe DB is trying to sound Eastern Block, or maybe he has read and was educated by more than just the local Ironman Magazines…

Having spent a few dollars on the Sportniv line of books myself, I would guess the latter…