DB hammer training + Running workout

is it recommended? or should you only use db’s method during general strength when you aren’t running

I think DB Hammer’s methods, which are essentially Auto-regulatory training, can be used in any endeavor that requires speed. I myself have used it in swimming.

He would probably not recommend running and lifting on the same day, as it uses different nueral drive. At least that’s how I understand it.

thats kinda what i thought too, any other comments?

I feel that it is important to note that DB’s methods are no more rigidly set in stone than those of Westside Barbell. It is the foundations which are important, and with respect to comparing the two, the premise is to identify weaknesses and train accordingly.

DB himself identifies sprinting as a neural rate activity.

The more clearly you can identify which motor abilities are inhibiting your performance, the more precisely you can construct your program.

I agree with james,

plus I’m not sure of your question. DB has a place for sprints, plyo’s, weights, and everything. Once you get past the verbage it is find your weakness and train it, use AREG to control volume and frequency, train 2-3 qualities per cycle (like zatsiorsky reccomends).

YEAH I know there is other stuff, but I’d say those are his concrete principles.

make sure you don’t use all 8 seconds of max speed…

Remember if you’re not dropping your 100m time by .05 every week you must be doing something wrong.

im kinda newb at this so i trying my best to understand these stuff better. all i know is his areg method and so now im just doing iso squat with 6% drop off, and a 4 day recovery? since sprinting affects the neuro rate im guessing i shouldnt sprint at all then?

Please clarify your question. Can you run on a DB program? Yes.

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