Darrel Brown

I’m interested in what Darrel’s training schedule looks like. Does anyone have this information, what type of approach does he follow? Who is his coach? Does anyone know why his start is so slow but his top speed is so great? This seems to contrast the trends as he is pretty muscular(which should indicate good starting ability) he’s not particularly tall(6’ i believe) and his legs aren’t very long compared to his torso, yet he is running everybody down after the midway point in the race. Is he consciously starting slowly to save energy for top speed? Does anyone know the gym numbers Brown puts up?

An interesting sidenote, Darrel took approx. 43.5 strides to cover 100m in the heats, qf(WJR) and sf of the WC’s. In the final, he took a little over 44 strides b/c he was so tense. Which means had Darrel run his own race, he would be the 100m World Champion at 18!!!

Anybody know?

I would also like to know… (his coach is Nestor Brown)

btw I saw this in a forum:

“…Ato Boldon’s decision to leave HSI and come back to Trinidad to train with the younger ones ( Darrel Brown and Marc Burns) really helped both at the physical training level and more importantly psychologically.
Darrel is from a family of very modest means and had to walk a considerable distance to school on mornings. He decided to run instead so that he would have time to shower before classes started. It is indeed amazing how circumstances can influence a persons path in life.”

Who’s Nestor Brown?

Would be very interesting.


"to walk a considerable distance to school on mornings. He decided to run instead "

If it’s true and not a legend, would it prove that longer distance runs do not necessarily change you muscle structure to make it usuitable for sprinting?
Some of the Kenyan Middle Distance runners run remarkable 400m times without intensive speed training afaik.

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Nobody has any idea how he trains or who Nestor Brown is?

Nestor Brown is his father.

Id be interested if anyone knows

Genetics, He had great parents…

Nestor Brown is Darrels father & coach…

Yes genetics is the base for all of them, but training systems and how they are employed play a large part in getting them to that level. You can be born with great genetics, but that doesnt mean that you can just walk out to the track and nearly win the worlds at 18.

First of all, Darrell Brown’s coach is Henry Rolle, an assistant coach at the University of Auburn in Alabama. Rolle also coaches Cydonie Mothersill, Elva Goulbourne (long jump) and hurdler Vonette Dixon. Rolle is from the Bahamas.

Brown has historically had a bad start. Remember that he has been running sub 10.60 from 14 years old. I think the reason is that he has been normally so far ahead of those he has raced that he has not had to develop a good start to win. Remember that from 14 years old, the only 100m race that Darrell Brown has lost to juniors is the 100m at World Juniors in Chile (2000) where he placed 4th. The World Championshps result from 2003, may just teach him that the start at this level is very important, as even Carl Lewis eventually found out,.

In those years, he was coached by his father in Trinidad, so maybe the technical competence was not there to develop a consistently good start.

Holy Crap! Sub 10.60 at 14 years old!!!