Dan Pfaff training group - Youtube channel


This channel has over 500 high quality video’s of various GB athlete’s training and interviews with Dan Pfaff.

I thought I’d post the thread here as there are many possible video’s that may want to be discussed.

More accurately, it’s Stu McMillan’s group.

^^^^ lol that’s true

So, I didn’t know Stu was working in UK…I remember whee he used to post here and on Elitetrack…always interesting.

I know some of the athletes…but cannot associate a name to them:)

Got a couple of them…thenk you, very interesting link!

Dwain chambers gets mention in the pfaff vid part3. He mentions how dwains gift of power production becomes his enemy when he pushes too long on the ground after 60m when pressed or runnning against faster folk.