What would you do to address individual issues during GPP and how might that alter the program? For example, for someone with enough hypertrophy and somatype is in place, would you use a greater intensity on lifts or drop the total numbers or keep them the same? (I know the advanced graph, I am still curious)

As far as speed concerns, what would you do if someone lacked the max velocity required for the next level, yet accel and even SE were in place? Would that be left to be addressed during SPP, or could things be done during GPP (other than technical work) to address this issue, specifically?

i would wait to address top speed in spp, now the strength training there are a couple of ways you could go:

maybe 1-2 weeks intro period, then get into heavy stuff. or just str into the heavy stuff from day 1, or use more sets/less reps/heavier weights a form of density training. i just see little benefits from during 8-12reps.

im not CF but hope that helps a lil.

Well I think GPP is a time to work on all the weaknesses while preparing for what you need to work on in SPP. If you need to emphasise top speed more in SPP then you need to work on the things that are prerequisites for this ability before you start it.

The next step is to make a list of these prerequistes and then think about how you can improve them in GPP (through emphasis).