Curl 21's

Just curious to see everyone’s thoughts on curl 21’s as a high intensity exercise on upper body days only. I have been told to only do these like once or so a week and to end the session with them because they require so much energy. fr those who are unsure of what curl 21’s are they are:

take dumbells or a barbell with 50% of what you would do for 6 reps of bicep curls
go from arms straight at sides and curl so arms form right angle by sides 7 times
immediately switch to curling from arms at right angle to all the way contracted (7 times also)
then immediately do 7 full ROM curls (7 times again)
(21 reps total, hence curl 21s)

i hear they are good for increasing arm size, but how is their functionality as a stimulus, and it seems to me that there are so many reps that these would fall under endurance more than hypertrophy training…

Really, are you serious?

so im guessing you disapprove…

I used to do these back in the day when I was in high school. I guess they might be useful as a bodybuilding type of workout. Not so much for strength and Power.

Just for fun check out this youtube video

Think about what you’re training, biceps strength endurance, and what sort of application that would have.

hahahaha, that video was pretty funny actually. i guess i can agree that the curls might just be a bit of an ego booster i put into my program, but as a baseball player, i no overall arm strength can help bat control (though i guess bicep curls wont really help my running speed). thanks syrus!

They aren’t going to do much at all. Also, the exercise isn’t really high intensity as much as it is simply high volume. Pretty much a waste of time outside of looking good. Nothing wrong with some curls for a person doing a non-running sport, but don’t act believe it is going to help much outside of ego.

haha, ok, i think i get the point. i probably wont do any curl 21s once im back in speed training, but maybe ill try a couple in the couple weeks im resting my legs between track and baseball season just to see what happens