Cuban Press....

Any experiences? Some high end swim coaches Pakewi swear by it.

I preform a variant of it, but the movement is great for the upper back, shoulder, and rotator musculature. I can’t contest why he would not swear by it, but one movement is going to make a superstar. But, the movement on his accounts is probably used in the promotion of strong and healthy shoulders/rotators, and I would have a hard time to disagree with that logic.

I know some martial arts who swear it keeps their shoulders healthy.

It’s one of many external rotator moves I’ve used. Haven’t noticed it being better or more effective than L-flys done with cables or bands.

I have one of my athletes (grappler) utilize the cuban press in his rotation of lifts which target ext rotation/post delt/middle-lower trap/rhomboids, etc.

One of many lifts which serve a similar purpose.


I may have seen it used in some Swimming Programs tapes,but I personally do not use it at all,nor I know any Colleague who actually does with swimmers.

Is there really any reason for the movement itself when you generally already have Cleans,Bench/Military Press,and Lat in your Program?

I would think absolutely, to balance out the internal rotation emphasis from the presses and lats.
I also like the “seated dumbell cleans” that the guys use. More of a cuban press with dumbells than a clean.