CT, Maximal and Near Maximal Eccentrics

  1. From what Ive read in your new book, these kind of eccentrics utilize a much smaller amount of motor units, and while percieved effort is very high, actualy impact is moderate at best, but structural gains from this kind of training are good.

  2. Does this mean that this kind of eccentrics do hit the CNS in a moderate way?

  3. Also are speed deadlifts neccesary in a “power”(percentage range of 45%) program if oly lifts are used? I wouldnt think so because of the explosive pulls in the oly lifts themselves

During eccentric training (or the eccentric portion of a lift) lest motor units are active, however these activated motor units handle a much higher workload, thus the growth stimulation on said MU is very high. There ais scientific evidence that the prefered MU recruited to do that job are fast-twitch fibers. Thus we could say that accentuating the eccentric portion of a lift (either via overload, slowing down the eccentric portion or plyometric drills) would lead to a specific structural improvement of the FT fibers.

No, it means that it hit the CNS in a different way. Less MU are recruited, but the discharge of each fiber is extremely high because of the important demands of an accentuated eccentric.

No, speed deadlift are an alternative to the olympic lifts for someone who is unable to perform/learn these lifts. However a romanian deadlift jump (with 20-30% of your max rom dead) would me more effective than a speed deadlift as far as athletes go.

ok so could a scheme of moderate load of CNS more structural and then the second block more of a high CNS load look like this
Block 1-Intensification
Oly Lift Heavy(Clean, Snatch)
Pure Eccentrics(Squat, DL, Bench)
Ballistic Isometrics(Squat, DL, Bench)
Up and Horizontal KEAT

Block 2-Explosion
Oly Lift Light(Clean, Snatch
Overspeed Eccentrics(Squat, Press)
Iso-Ballistic(Squat, Press)
Ballistic(Jump Squat/Jumping RDL/Dimel Deadlift)