I would really appreciate input into my plan for this coming season. I’m 1 week into the process of rehab from a ham injury and as a result have had to re-think my priorities for this year. I will not be beginning jogging until the end of this week.

I’ve made good progress with my winter training despite hiccups and am .2 quicker over 60m than this time last year at least.

The story so far…
Saw the physio and my coach today and discovered that both this years injuries ( calf/achilles/ hamstring ) are due to lowerleg allignment putting stress on the outside of my ham and calf ( from a strained ankle years back ) and I’m gonna take rehab slow to avoid re-injury.

It’s also possible I have an inbalance between quads and hams ( I dropped SLDL’s to protect my back and hoped fullsquats would be enough ) and I have to bear this in mind.

Now my rehab from the calf/achilles went well - so well it moved the problem up to my ham. So I was thinking about doing it again. When I’m able to run again - 2 weeks at least from now. Beginning with -

4 weeks GPP ( 300m hills/hill accs/GPP weights/grass tempo ) this takes me thru May

The thing is - I’m not sure what to do after that - I was gonna build SE thru 70 - 80m etc @ 10m a week up to full distances and from 120 - 250 over time - but not having had an injury of this nature b4 I’m a bit concerned about how to ease back into max speed.

In regards to any speed work - I only really know how to run flat out - so I always regulate intensity by the number of reps/distance I do.

I really just wondered what others would do in my position to salvage the season - main target is the Sussex masters in mid july - but I’m more concerned about progress and staying fit to run in prep for Nationals and World Champs next year.

How cagey should I be ?

Would a 2 week GPP be better considering most of this year seems to have been GPP so far ?

Should I bring SLDL’s back this late for a short while when I’m healed ?

Should I attempt another max strength ( possible upper body only ) b4 returning to competition ?

I really really would be grateful for any advice - cheers forum.