The winter months are coming and with work and daylight savings, sprint training is becoming less and less of an option. So my plan is to work on my vertical leap for the next 8-12 wks. I tested yesterday at a miserable 22". My basic plan is to do jump rope,depthjumps, tuck jumps, alt. single leg bench jumps, and rim jumps on MWF. The depth jumps on Wed will be enhanced by bands during the eccentric phase(a la DB Hammer). As for lifitng I plan on doing a modified Westside with Max Squat(85-95%) on Monday with Cleans; Box Squats with jumps squats on Wed and Hang snatch and Good Morning(85-95%) on Fridays. Any thoughts or suggestions?? My biggest indecision is on Friday, where I may just squat again.
5’11" , 197
Full Squat: 5reps at 315 raw no belt
CM vertical: 22"
nonCM vertical: ~20.5-21"

work your upper body, the shoulders are used in jumping as well.
Off course your core as well.

Slowman when do you give your legs a chance to recover? Your speed training would include 2-3 days high intensity acceleration and maximal speed training and 2-3 days of tempo recovery training.So your training to improve vertical jump needs to do the same!

You need to periodise strength and speed-strength (olympic lifts) and finally plyometric drills.

Training smart will get you results. Training too hard will leave you disappointed.

I plan on using the same high-low format that I use for sprints…MWF is Weights and plyos while Tues and Thurs(maybe Sat) are tempo days. And on every fourth week I step down on weight intensity as well as cut plyos in half.

Admittedly I misread your original post but I am still concerned about overtraining. You are performing plyometrics, olympic lifts and maximal strength weights on the same day. In my opinion this is too high a load of high-intensity training. I’d be interested in what others have to say.

My philosophy is to perform minimal work for maximal gain. I feel you are doing maximal work for minimal gain- my opinion only.

Its ok to use plyo’s but not the amount per session you are using, spread them out as the force put on your muscle by them is huge, also if your a relatively weak person, welll actually i wouldnt use bands anyways, then there is no way you wanna up the eccentric force on the plyo, i think its a case of wanting to much to quickly, it takes time, dedication to get faster/stronger/more explosive. As well where are your upper body exercises as those hav a key role in explosive movement. The frequency with which you do oly lifts is fine as they hav no real big effect eccentrically, but i have to ask are you at all an experienced weightlifter because they will put large amounts of stress on your cns, but a way to spread it out might be 2 plyo’s on mon. as you’ll b freshest off of a two day “break”, and for weights to add an upper body movement to two of the days, and i personally do not like the hang snatch, i feel going from the floor is the best, as it gets the glute/hamies more involves which are very very very important in jumping. And you might consider substituting a pulling movement(snatch grip pull or clean pull) for the good mornings. Thats jus my two cents though

I tried my first session out yesterday and it went fairly well. As for my experience, I was a D1 triple jumper for the last 4 yrs. Nothing spectacular…PR around 46’. Ive been weight training for 6 yrs, but with the last two really focusing on Max Strength. As for upper body work I do pullups 3x10 and shoulder presses and raises. I dont do bench as I am naturally topheavy and can fairly easily pump out a set 3 or 4 on incline with 225l. I have used bands before in training but no consistently enough to note results. I think the deciding factor on whether or not this training will beat the tar out of me will come tommorow with my next session. If Im noticably not getting off the ground fast enough, then Ill know to back off. Also in college I was exposed to high loads of plyos…ie 1100m in one session of bounding and hopping.

My basic format for weights will be 3x3 or 5x2 for 2 main exercies, then an assistance exercise. Also to note that I have power cleaned 235 for 3 and estimate my snatch at around 195. I may trying the lifts from the floor but it may be difficult since I work out in a wimpy gym with no hardcore equipment like bumpers or lifting platforms.

I would consider doing plyos twice a week instead of 3 unless you reduce your volume. It is easy to OT with plyos.

Good luck

ps- I do plyos after speed twice a week and they cook me:

Here is a sample plyo workout:

3 x (depth jumps, jump up to box, tuck jumps, SLJ or sprint bounds)

Some single leg hops in warmups plus dynamic drills as well etc.