Critique my first training day!

2 PM Track Workout:

  1. WARMUP:
    a. 800m jog
    b. 10 x 50m strides, gradually faster

  2. 3 x 3 x flying 30m (3 min between reps, 10 min between sets)

  3. Plyometrics: In-place jumps
    (3 x 5 reps each)
    a. tuck jumps
    b. split jumps
    c. single-leg jumps

  4. Stretching

3 x 5 reps each, submaximal sets because it is my first day and I don’t want to be too sore:
a. squat
b. bench press
c. bent-over row

can you tell us the enents you are training for an your pr’s?

I’m going to assume your training for 100m. I think that this will fairly soon be what your typical CNS workouts will look like, but you might really get some heavy fatigue in the next couple of days from this one. If you do, I think you should probably lay off for a bit and then slowly go up in volume, maybe not doing sprints/plyos/weights in the same day for a little while. Also at the beginning you might want to do 10m or even longer gradually building up to going as fast as possible so you don’t pull anything.

Well I just got done with the track workout, and here’s how it went: my flying 30’s got slower with every rep until I decided to cut the workout short after 7. The plyos that followed went well, but they have left my legs rather trashed so I’m going to skip out on the weight training tonight. I’ll start that after my body adapts to the sprint work/plyos.

Hopefully the second session (after you recover from this one!) will be a little more moderate and progressive.

what did you do in between those workouts for recovery?
i know i was just starting again i know i would be sore as hell form doing that and probably would need a good 4 days recovery before my next speed session.

In between what workouts? The plyos were started immediately after the 10 min rest period following my last sprint set, and I ended up not lifting weights due to fatigue. I’m not sore at all (not yet anyway, we’ll see tomorrow I guess); just fatigued.

Charlie, how would I go about making my next session more moderate? What would you suggest as far as volume goes?

i was refering to your first track workout and your second track workout? what did you do the day or days in between for recovery?

The first workout took place today, so there has been no second workout yet. I am debating between doing extensive tempo and intensive tempo tomorrow (Tuesday); we’ll see how the legs feel. Wednesday will be either be a very easy day or a rest day, and on Thursday I will hit the CNS again. How does that sound?

ooooo ok,
wheww! for a second i thought your first post was you actual workout and you other post was another workout! that is why i was confused.

I’d say since its your first week and im expecting you to be sore as hell tomarorow do extensive tempo. If you dont want to use Charlies protocol (which is a good tempo format)and want to work a little more on cardio and get the workout done quick i would do something like 2 sets of 4 100’s on the grass (if possible) on a one minute cycle. So if you ran the 100 in 17 then rest 43 seconds. Take 2-3 mintues between sets. That should get you nice and loose. The day after that see how you feel but i realized that early in the season after i first start speed i am sore for a few days so you may want to just warmup do drills and stretch and save you next CNS day for Thursday. Let us know how you feel tomarrow!

Here’s another question for the congregation: if there is a choice between following sprint training with weights or plyos, which takes priority? Would it make a difference if we are talking a short-term (4 month) training program versus long-term? I ask because I am just not sure that, at my training age, I will be able to handle sprints, plyos AND weights. My plan was to use plyos for the duration of the summer (I want to peak in 4 months) and then start weight training in the fall when I will begin a more long-term program.

Well QUICK you were right… my abdominals, glutes, and posterior delts are sore as you-know-what this morning… looks like extensive tempo for day two

I think you should look at a couple different options…

First of all performing sprints, plyo’s, weights all in the same day is a sure way to get yourself injured if you haven’t properly progressed your training intensity and volume.

I would consider doing speed followed immediately by weights at first. (not a four hour break but within the same training session)

then the next day perform tempo/core work

then a day off.

If you are set on doing plyos early in your program consider performing them immediately after speed2 days instead of doing weights

Then the next day perform tempo/core work

Then a day off.

After you get into the routine again you can look at removing a rest day here or there if you feel really good.

I am doing the following and it has been working great so far:







Speed3 (Special Endurance)/weights 3



I hope this helps you out :slight_smile:


Well Chris, my weight training facility is located 10-15 min away from the track, so following sprints immediately with weights is not really an option for me. With this in mind, would you recommend that I perform the weight training ASAP after sprinting (10-15 min), or take a 4 hour break between workouts? I read on here about a month ago that it is better to split the routines up.

Where’s the GPP in this plan?

My gym is about the same distance away from the track. ~15 minutes

I finish my speed workout, do a very short cooldown (800 meter jog, couple of strides, maybe have protein/carb drink) and make a beeline straight for the weight room.

Then after weights are over I do another cooldown and have a post workout protein/ carb drink (Within 10-20 minutes of finishing)

I think it is important to perform weights immediately after speed when you are first getting back into the swing of things for several reasons

It allows:

  1. Less chance of overtraining
  2. Maximize CNS recovery time between CNS intensive speed/weight sessions
  3. Less total time required to complete the workout. (You dont need to do a completely different warmup and cooldown for each session)
  4. I find there is less chance of injury as well. (I am limber, explosive and warm immediately after speed and feel great hitting weights)


What have you been doing for the past couple of months kevin?

I’ve been distance running for the past 11 months

My day 2 workout was extensive tempo: 5 x 4 x 100m/50m walk @ under 75% speed.

It felt pretty good at the time, but today I am SORE AS A MOTHER’F’ER! It’s even worse than yesterday- my hamstrings and HIP FLEXORS are killing me now too.

Today I am taking a day of complete rest - nothing but some PNF stretching. Hopefully I’ll be able to sprint again tomorrow, but I am not optimistic.