Creatinine Kinase

Just wondered what high levels of this in someones blood would indicate?

any info would be greasty recieved



That you did your blood test too close to your last training session.

Creatine Phosphokinase Isoenzymes level elevates due to muscular damage.

It’s not rare to hear stories or strength trainees hospitalized because of elevated CPK levels, due to training, mistaken for cardiac ischemia.


I ad a blood test but it was two days after training

so obviousley been pushing things too much then

Not necessarily, an average strength training session will have your CPK level elevated for two or three days.

i just had some blood work done, my level of creatinine was slightly high. i had been off training for 2 weeks.

they also said creatinine may be slightly above the normal range in healthy individuals with higher muscle mass.

or it can be renal imapairment:(

It can indicate muscle soreness but you should definitely have a full medical to be sure.

yeh i am getting another test.
i also read that levels can go up when you stop training, im gathering this is what might of happened as i was in my break after the season.

Not specific to your personal situation but I was talking to someone from Australian Sports Institute back in mid 1980s and asked how they used sports science to regulate training for sprinters.

He said the scientists (at that time) didn’t really know what to say, but arbitrarily decided to look at CPK levels in blood after training to determine safetly upper limits. They reasoned that the guy who was the biggest endurance monster they had at that time was an Olympic 1500m swimming star.

So they took his CPK blood readings as the upper limit and nobody thought much more about it for a few years until a really good sprinter called Paul Narracott (1983 Helsinki 100m finalist) beat Carl Lewis at a Japanese indoor 60m race in Feb 1984 and they got all excited about the upcoming LA Lympix.

When they got their sprinter back from Japan, they decided to run tests on him after an average sprint sessions - block starts etc. Well you’ve got to know the CPK readings smashed through the roof, above the clouds and out of the stratosphere. Nope, he wasn’t hurt, not even sore. It’s just that swimmers don’t have an impact element to their sport and track runners do . . . Postscript, Narracott was progressing well in 84 until he went to Oslo, drew lane six, had to swerve to avoid a TV camera over the fence near the 100m finish line and tore his groin muscle. He was never the same again.

The lack of impact, i bet, is the reason why swimmers can easily do double day training every day, and train for 2hrs each session. And the swimmers look at how runners train and scoff at how little the runners do compared to the swimmers.

Many things …

Protein degradation
Absence of sufficient protein substrates
Excessive eccentric exercising

CPK in itself is merely indicative not toxic or anything like that so “uper limits” are just silently agreed between docs as normal

same for blood urea. You eat alot of protein you have alot of blood urea, how in gods name there is an uper limit for that i dont know. Kidney stress my ass