creatine, water retention and sprint performance

So its GPP now and im taking creatine, cycling for 4 weeks on and 3-4 weeks off. Definitely gotten a lot stronger and added I think 3-4 pounds of water along with it.

Now into the track season im planning on using creatine throughout as someone has told me it gave them good results and stronger = faster for them using creatine. Now my question is with my first meet bring 1st week of december, if i was near end of my cycle as the meet comes, Ill be a lot stronger, however will the extra water weight slow me down? Or will the extra strength make up for it and the overall effect of creatine will make me faster ?

Also would taking creatine + some simple carbs about 90 minutes before a race help out?

Can anyone provide a link to some of our earlier discussions? We had a lot on this topic.

here is a good one

thanks, link really helped.

Here’s a few more discussions:

Cycle 3 weeks on 1 week off - for no loss in Cr levels. and then cycle off of it during competition period.

Why go off during competition period?

One reason is that creatine makes me stiff as a robot. Not sure if it’s the water retention’s fault, or some other effect of creatine, but I have to stop creatine at least 3-4 days before a competition, or I will not run relaxed.

We’re talking creatine monohydrate right?
So what about kre alkalyne? Lower doses and not as much water retention?

Haven’t tried it. I get the aforementioned effect from monohydrate and CEE.

Just use charlie’s solution of the precursors. Check the achieves or it is in the Forum Review Ebook