Creatine and In-comp 400m

Should creatine supplementation be stopped in-comp for a 400m athlete? Gains outweigh risks?

Is there a significant lactic buffering effect with creatine that would mean creatine could be continued for a 400m athlete and not for a shorter sprinter?

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I’ve used creatine out of comp loads of times with no problems, but the one time I used during a competition period I pulled a muscle and was out for almost 3 months. I think the risks are greater than the rewards during competition, but thats just from my experiences.

thanks for your thoughts.

What are the risks of supplementing with creatine for track? I’ve never heard about anything like this before.

3g per day and you will be good to go. Any more and water retention becomes a bit of a hassle.

With all due respect, Herb, I think that dosage may vary depending on the athlete’s size.

And why exactly do you say that? From which studies are you getting your info? How exactly will the dosage vary?

how about more grams before only sprint sessions? do you get any help from that?


You really think 3g will have the same water retention effects on a 100lb person as a 400lb person?

I dont’ know any 100 or 400lbs people who sprint. Most of the sprinters I know are between 160 and 190 pounds.

As far as I know it doesn’t matter when you take it. Taking it with carbs will help it absorb faster, but there is a threshold with creatine and once you reach that, you can’t surpass it, AND you can reach it with small amounts over time (which is what I reccomend) or large amounts over a short period of time (loading), which I think is mostly to sell more creatine. That is what the actual research says. I am not talking about what you read in the magazines. Basically, if I can come up with a new way to take creatine, I can make money.

I used creatine for a few weeks in the SPP phase in 2000. I would take it post workout with some protein powder on weight lifting days (about 3 times a week). It was the Phosphagen brand so extra sugar wasn’t required. I discontinued it when I noticed some stiffness, I did compete a little later on with good results.