Cramped Summer Work/Class/ Training Schedule

Well, the confluence of a job, class, shoddy transportation and lack of access to a gym has led me to develop this, a truncated and wholly short training program, that relies on Paredo’s rule. (20% of your effort makes up 80% of your result.) That influence is obvious. I only will have one track session a week, using a L to S approach, and only one gym session a week.
Monday, Wednesday, Thrusday and Friday will have to rely on tons of at home work with body weight and powerballs.

Tuesday - Track Work
Warm-up (Standard Charlie Warm-Up about 40 minutes)
Long to Short work for the 100m…
Weeks 1-5 100m @ 90% (12.1 seconds) x 6 reps (10-12 minutes rest between reps)
Weeks 6-8 100m @ 95% (11.6 seconds) x4 reps
Week 9 100m @ 100% (11.0 seconds) x 2 reps
Cool Down

Saturday -Gym Work
1)Work up to top set of full, ass to grass back Squat (3-5 reps, linear cycle, end goal is 300x3 reps in week 9)
2) Bench Press or Incline Press 5x5-10 (start at 135x5, when you get all 25 reps, add a rep to each set…when I get to 135x10, switch to incline press)
3) Snatch Grip DeadLift 5x5 (start at 185, when that becomes easy, go to 205, when that is easy 225… etc, etc.)
4) Single Leg Squats, back leg elevated (light Dumbbells) 3x10
5) Weighted back Extensions 4x10

Comments or advice welcome — nothing is set in stone…