Could someone please work out my 100m time

Today in training I got timed from blocks with a stop watch and starting gun. My times from the smoke of the gun with a stop watch to the exact point I crossed the line were :
30m 4.09
40m 5.08
50m 5.98

At this stage I don’t think I have adequate speed endurance to finish off my 100m race strongly, but supposing I had the necessary speed endurance in place, approximately what time would I run the 100m in(hand timed and electronically timed)?
Looking at the times I ran above, does it not appear that I need to work mostly on my first 30m?


It is hard to tell where your times are hand time. But from my own experience I would think you would be in the 11.2-11.3 range HT and probably 11.50-11.60 FAT from those times.

It’d help to know your 30 fly, but assuming you have the standard +1 sec. for block start/acceleration/reaction time, I think you come out to 11.2.

11.1-11.3 hand time.

You have 11.6 acceleration and 10.7 speed.
In other words. Never try and manually take 10m splits on a stopwatch, it won’t be accurate.