Correlation between 100m and 200m

Not sure if a thread has been opened on this already but here goes…

From looking at the results of past and present it seems to me that the more dominant 100m guys have great 200m times or participate greatly over 200m with exception of a few. For example those who featured heavily last year and this are labeled ‘200m guys’: John Capel, Bernard Williams,Darren Campbell,JJ Johnson,Shawn Crawford,Kim Collins etc… These guys have improved their 100m dramatically since participating in the longer distance. One such example is Asafa Powell…he has reaped many rewards since running more 200’s. As someone who tends to favour the 100 how important is 200 training and racing for me? I’m running 10.8’s and have the ability to run a hell of a lot faster. I tend to shy away from 200’s because of my lack of knowledge over this distance and also through not having any ideas about breaking down the 200 (running the perfect 200m race.) Has anyone noticed improvements in 100s through 200m training? Has anyone improved 200’s but stagnated on 100’s?

YES!!! me, I’ve improved my 200 by 0.3 secs, but no improvements in 100 time. However, I am just starting sprinting.

AHG have you noticed no improvement in your 100m at all? I’ve taken into consideration that you’ve just started but with such a significant improvement in time over the 200m I would have thought a similar improvement would have been made over the 100m. Charlie did Ben do 200’s? How important are 200m races?

Well to say the truth, you’re right in a big way. I trained all past season to improve on my 200m. So there was much of endurance work and stuff like that. But then it came down that my 200m went down from 21.56 to 21.62 and my 100m went down from 10.80 to 10.57!! that was strange! all times are electronically timed of course.

I have also noticed the fact that these who race much in the 200m while they are primarily 100m sprinters are much better at their 1st even which is the 100m!

Interesting Fast…so your 200m time SUFFERED yet your 100m improved. I too in the Winter i did loads of 300’s and 500’s. Even in the months leading up to the outdoor we were doing 250’s and 300’s…yet in comp I never saw any improvements over my 200m times. (mid to high 22’s) yet in training i was able to do 300’s in 35 and 250’s in 28 lows. My 100m times don’t match up with my 200’s. Why is it that sprinters like Maurice and Tim who rarely venture into the 200’s are able to run 9.7’s?

Remember than Mo. started going down after he stopped doing the 100m! I mean remember his last 200m was in the American trials of 2001 and I guess he left the final. And he didn’t run in Edmenton! After that it has been down all the way for Mo. I don’t know if there is a link or not?

Interesting…thought…same thing I was thinking…It seems as thought the guys who are coming to the forefront of 100m sprinting have established themselves over the 200m. (Capel,Willams,Crawford,Miller,Campbell)Asafa started doing 200’s this year and look what happened 9.91! Any ideas…? How would 200’s help with 60m indoor sprints? Would I be able to hold that top end speed longer??

Let me describe my 100mt progression so far: in Feb. firs electronic outdoor race ever, I ran 12.01. Now almost 6 months later I ran on the same track, in 12.03 and 12.06. Admittedly, I was still sore from the day before having run indoor 60 in 7.61 (my 60 time hasn’t dropped that much either since Feb, running in 7.65) and weights afterwards.

I’m not really sure why this irregularity in my results and lack of improvement, possibly bc. my coach isn’t running me on a personalized training scheme, or something that I believe to be CFTS based.

Who knows, however, all input is welcome. My online journal is the one that says “First year’s training”.


Oh, I’d almost forgotten. my 200 dropped from 24.79 to 24.43 all times FAT