Correcting Overstriding

Anyone have good drills/cues to prevent overstriding? I have a 15y female athlete who quick and powerful out of the blocks, but once she gets up into her running, she overstrides and usually gets caught by 50m. Her stride has always been ackward, and it’s almost ok now, but I’m having trouble fixing it. Help!

I frequently say this very same thing to this question (or a similar one) but if one’s posture is very good/upright, trunk in a vertical position, hips high/back straight, it’s very difficult to overstride.

Something else I see is when the arm swing becomes too long/too horizontal and not vertical enough at extension people tend to overstride. That is, some athletes start reaching out slightly with their arm stroke and don’t come “up” enough.

Try to post a video – as it may be not so simple as simply over-striding (i.e. it may be the symptom of some other problem).

K I’ll get one up after our next speed day.