Corns and Calluses

hey i have corns and calluses under both my feet, and they sting and hurt real bad when i walk or run…how can i get rid of this!!! its hindering some of my speed and its real annoying…!!!

Corns and calluses are usually due to improper weight distribution on the feet. Excessive pressure on one area causes increased skin buildup. My advice, short term, is to get those calluses shaved down, by a professional (or at least someone you trust). It doesn’t hurt, because the thickened skin contains no nerve endings. Reducing the pressure in these thickened areas will definitely help. Long term, I suggest a biomechanical evaluation of your feet to determine why you are gettting these calluses. Properly placed pads or even orthotics might be sufficient. Dare I say it, but in the distant future, possibly surgery (but that is not the first option by any means!). Good luck!

See how your shoes fit. Because you are still growing, you might be in shoes that are rubbing on your outer toes. I had this problem and helped resolve it just by getting a larger size shoe. I always liked my spikes to fit tight – until the problem was created. Some shoes are shaped differently too, more pointed or narrower than others. Try them on and leave some room in there. I read somewhere that you should have about a thumb’s width of space at the big toe. I guess you’d call that a rule of thumb. Whatever, spend some time to find shoes that fit correctly. That will help – in addition to getting the condition treated – so the problem does not recur.

i think it happened when i was wearing the air huarache 2k4, there narrow at the top…

When i played ball I got callouses never had any problems with them.
All the cutting, jump stops etc. will do that to your feet. I can’t see the need for orthodics because of this.
You probably just need to take care of your feet with regular foot baths and shaving the callouses off…