Core Training

Hey all,

I know Charlie mentioned doing as high as something along the lines of 500 reps on High days and 1,000 reps on low days. What are some of the exercises or circuits used for the core? Does anyone have some good ones?

Many of them are on the gpp dvd. I wouldn’t use that many for non elite athletes.

I did all of those exercises for the kids I have been coaching at school High school level. Not the same volumes for practice but some of the guys that can’t stop moving and want more training I tell them to try the 500 to 1000 sit up routine.

Progression of training is real and any person is only able to dip into their personal bucket of energy and or cNS energy and to get a result you must recover from the work in a reasonable time before adding more work.

Everything in the GPP video shown is excellent to use to any age depending on what the athlete or masters or youth has been doing for sport and or what their training back ground might be.

If you are working with a former gymnast who has now turned track person at 30 0r 40 years old, you never lose that muscle memory. Sure, maybe you don’t get someone to do all the exercises from General Prep Phase for all sports in one session or one season or one year even… but there is nothing hard or complicated in GPP. It’s normal and easy and repeatable and if you learn from the masters you will create your own progressions and find your way as a coach or athlete. It’s ideal to have someone watching you and if that is not possible maybe you are able to do video and find the right person to share that video with.

There is so much talent walking around and so many capable people who want to train hard or compete at the masters level. Don’t be scared, educate yourself, take your time and learn as much as you are able from the best and take notes and keep learning.

When I think about core training, I think about my warm up and how important the role of the warm up plays in all fitness.

I like to start my day with a hot bath with or without epsom salts and if I had a pool ( which I do not yet) I would spend some baseline amount of time doing non impact exercises in the body temperature pool. Having a lake or ocean is even better but you will need to know how to swim or stick to your tub if you have one.

When I first started spending time with my son’s dad, all he had me spend time at was the warm up. I call it, backing up and starting over and slowing down. When we hosted 4 of the top junior tennis players into our home in 2009 July, we did so to assist the former head of Tennis Canada and his pursuit to improve the Andy Roddick tennis program via these top JR. prospects… We taught the players how to warm up off the court. One of them recently retired and became the top singles female in our mother country as we are a commonwealth country.

The Warm up. = so many like to skip the slow and boring and mundane yet this is the meat and potatoes of sprinting. I am not able to do speed unless i am practicing my warm up at least 3 to 5 times per week.

I am planning on doing some social media filming to support the best selling download of GPP which we sell now for 20 years on this site. I still do drills, and I still do strides and I still jog for at least 6 to 12 minutes on grass before I start prepping for speed work.

Core training is beginner fitness and if you are not fit you are not and will not be able to perform any proper training let alone speed work at any level SAFELY and sustainably.