Copper Cream - Tendon Recovery

In the old forum there was a discussion about a copper cream that expedited tendon recovery (posted by ‘716’). As I can’t find the old thread, can someone provide me with information on how to obtain some of this product? Much appreciated.

I understand SNAC has rights to it so you should be able to get some through them. (nice patch)

Number Two - 716 was discussing ACl recovery and copper supplementation…

Check out …
Nutrition Discussions > Supplementation while injured…

Thanks number 23. There wasn’t any mention of the topical cream, but it’s along the same lines I assume. I sent a personal message to 716 regarding the cream. Hope he replies.

Number Two,

Please pass on the information to the board. I have had tendon issues and maybe this cream could be used as a preventative measure also.

me 2 - although my achilles seems to be greatly helped after 1 month of glucosamine + zma