Cool down and warm ups between multiple events

Hey everybody! Been gone for a while, glad to be back, yada, yada!:smiley:

As you some of you know I mainly work with HS kids and unlike many elite level sprinters they can expect to run or compete 2-4 times in one meet.
What has been your experience in terms of cool downs, stretching and warm ups during a meet when they need to be ready to run in 30-40min or in 2 hours? What has typically produced the better results as it relates to this topic?

I have tried various models in between races for the kids. SOmetimes I just tell them to take a lap on the grass infield and light stretches of course along with drinking fluids but sometimes they want to eat. I suggest bananas and peanuts, granola, carrots, juice, powerade, etc. I don’t want them feeling to heavy or like they need to take a crap pre race.


I have no experience coaching little kids, but I would say most important would be to keep fluids up and if they have sufficient time between events (an hour or so) I’d be trying to get some sort of complex (slow breakdown) carbohydrate into them. If that can be accomplished in the same process - ie, a liquid form of carbo-protein restoration - perhaps that would be best.

I would recommend bananas to help stave off cramping, but the acid in the fruit may not be helpful to empty tummies.