Converting 40m times to 40yd

Approximately what does a 4.66 electronic 40m convert to as a 40yd time?

40yd is about 33 meters. So a guesstimate would be around 4.1 high to 4.2 low?

Anyone else?

nah its like 36

40 yds are exactly 36.56m - so in case you reach 10m/s for your 30-40m split it would convert to 4.30-4.35 aprox.

It’s a 4.29 40y if you run 4.69 for 40m. I ran 4.56 today in a 40m sprint and I was curious so I was figuring it out. So AUT_71 was right on.

Why are you trying to convert from meters into yards. I mean the difference in distance isn’t that much. If you want a 40yrd referance value why don’t you consider takeing a 40m referance value?

You don’t consider 10% a big difference over such a short distance?

I saw a NZ rugby player’s 40m time quoted as 4.66 and I was just curious to see how that stacked up against US football players’ 40yd times.