contrast training?

I dont know what else to call it, I’m sure its talked about before but hey this is what I was thinking. Ok so RFD and Limit strength are on opposite sides of the force velocity curve correct? The muscles and CNS completely different interactions between the two. So rather than exhausting both in one session, why cant they be seperated and compacted to get the greater supercompensation effect without the burnout? ie. do RFD in the weight room on day 1(oly’s, maybe a plyo, although I am seeing more and more that with the olys twice a week and the DE squats once a week there is less and less of a need for them) and limit on day 2, then repeating for another two days?
Day 1
Snatch Progression
Maybe a Plyo?

Day 2
Squat progression
Bench press progression
Assistance work circuit(some unilateral things, like DB bench, DB row, Split Squat, like 3x5)

Day 3
C and J progression
DE speed squats-5 singles

Day 4
Deadlift progression
Push Press
Assistance circuit(similar to day 2, something like dips, chins, G-H raise/hyper)

Days 5, 6, and 7


Did you read CT’s first post in the new DB thread? He has some ideas on organization of sessions there that should help.

as an addition to this topic id like to make the argument for full oly lifts(if time, comtiment, and ability to learn them is permitting). I feel it is a huge advantage to do these. I mean yes the power clean is great and all but look at the athletic ability of the olympic lifters. Shane Hamman may be the best example I can think of, if you’re 5’9" 370lbs and can dunk a basketball from a standstill two handed, I’m sorry, and I know he has natural athletic ability but come on. I’d be interested in what Dimas is capable of, him being so lean. Anyways I am trying to learn these movements. I am actually good with them but because of the technical side can only get up to 135 in full snatch and 185 in full clean and jerk(in the power versions ive done 155 and 225). I think the practice of technique will allow for higher numbers, I’m going to take it slow. Anyways there is a noted improvement in my vertical, for I was very fatigued today from yesterdays work capacity raising workout(i like to call it that rather than conditioning) along with just finishing a 3rd 16min basketball game I could still hit the rim. Normally i can only get up to grab or hit the rim when I’m fresh, I’ll have to see monday where my improvements are. Heres what I have written up for myself. Thoughts on how to improve the catch(Dropping under the bar) would be much appreciated, I think it is just learning the move and will take time and that explains my capability of only being able to do it with a lower weight. David W havnt heard from you in a while. This plan follows in accord with my idea of training seperate qualities.

Day 1-Snatch Day
Full Snatch-Single until miss, increasing weight
Depth jumps-5-8 total

Day 2-Limit Strength
Snatch Technique w/ very light weight as warm up
Squat Progression-to near 1 RM
Bench Progression-to near 1 RM

Day 3-Clean and Jerk Day
Full Clean and Jerk-Singles untill miss, increasing weight
DE Squat-5-8 total

Day 4-Limit Strength
C and J Technique w/ very light weight as warm up
Deadlift Progression-to near 1 RM
Push Press-5-8 total
DB Circuit-(DB bench, Row, Uni Lateral Leg) 3x5
Dip/GH Raise Circuit-3x6-8

Day 5-7

As for work capacity raising work I have been following a toned down boxing regime I made for myself, doing it on day 1 and 5, and then doing my class on day 4. Thoughts on this? Oh and as for an unloading week I’ll have a power meet or a max out every month so…