Conjugated and Complex

How would any of you explain conjugated
periodization and complex training in the
fewest number of sentences without taking away from
the meanings of each?

Conjugate - linking together
Complexes - combinations (e.g., weights and plyos, weights and EMS etc)

Conjugate-Using various methods in order to achieve an end result(ie developing all qualities in all phases but focusing on one)
Complex-Use of limit strength move followed by high RFD move(plyo)

Conjugated sequencing is not simply using various means and methods all together to develop the various motor qualities all at once as many seem to frequently state.

The idea of conjugate sequencing is to systematically employ different primary means in a unidirectional fashion such that the LTDE of training of each phase is superimposed on the following phase in a synergistic manner so that the effects accumulate.

What this means in plain english is to create a program where the effects of focusing on the training of a specific motor ability (primarily using one specific means) in one phase will specifically enhance the development of the motor ability being targeted in the subsequent phase due to the LTDE. This is a continuing cycle so that the effects accumulate and provide greater results because of the sequence in which everything was developed. While there is some overlapping of the means used in each unidirectional phase in this system, the fundamental principle behind it is not simply to train everything together at once, but rather to develop it in a systematic linear fashion.

Using many means and methods at all at once to simultaneously develop the differeing motor qualities would be considered complex or concurrent programming. This is all very clearly spelled out in Supertraining or either of the Verkhoshanky books.