being left footed while kicking and using my right foot to jump with, which would be my lead foot on the blocks?

perhaps try this?
get somebody to clap for you
assume a lying down stance for your starts on your belly facing the direction you want to go
do this for a few wks for 20-30mtr efforts
after that time, you should naturally fit into the blocks without much stress
the right foot for you will therefore come naturally.

thanks boldwarrior, will try that, How about seeing which foot i lead with whilst doing belly starts, would that also be a good option

yes ok didnt read your last post correctly, how many steps should i be averaging in my first 10 meters? give or take

Depends on leg length, strength etc. Top guys do it in about 7 strides. I’m the same by the way, I used to have the right foot on the block, i hop from that foot, but kick left footed.
Good luck

this is normal is sprinting.your dominant leg will be to the rear and less dominant to the front.i’m right footed but if sprinting i would use left leg front

Tanks X man that helps alot