Confused about squat, cleans, and deadlift

They are all very taxing on the CNS but am i suppose to spread them out into differnent days or do them all in the same day?? I usually switch off between upper and lower body.

FYI… Squats and dead lifts are less taxing on the CNS than sprinting and explosive med ball throws. You can spread them out but most people do everything on speed days.

Squats and deadlifts less taxing than explosive medicine ball throws? Care to comment on this? I know they can be taxing, but I cannot imagine them being nearly as intense as a deadlift or squat at 90% or above.

i thought deadlift is the exercise that taxes CNS the most

How many days a week can you squat,dead,and clean? and how should you spread them out?

CFTS says that you do med ball between tempo rests and stuff like that(as i remember) or on these days.
So they cant be taxing the CNS very much

thants a different type of med ball.

on speed days you do explosive med ball, on tempo you to med ball to work your core.

Mon: Oly var, bench, squat
Wen: Oly var, mil. press, DL
Fri: Oly, bench, squat

Try not doing DL and squat at the same work-uot (if they are havy int). Search for Tier System from Joe Kenn. There are few good tips, but I would change something…
Hope I helped…

I agree with duxx. Squat and DL work essentially same areas - do one or the other. Try squatting for a cycle then DL the next.

Agree with Duxx.
It really depends on experience level and intensity, but the above is a good standard.