Confused about hills....please help

Hey guys i need some help with a question. Lately i have been sprinting hills to improve sprint speed (not steep hills, just hills that have a slight incline between 10-20 degrees). I have always sprinted hills from a flying start off of a flat surface b/c thats how i was told to run them in the past. I would start out about 20 yards from the hill with a jog and would accelerate right before i hit the hill and would then run at max speed for a few seconds up a slight hill. My question is: When i sprint hills should i start from a flying start and accellerate from a jog off of a flat surface or should i start from a still position at the base of the hill? Also…are steeper hills more appropriate for acceleration training and non-steep hills more appropriate for top-end speed training? Please clear this up for me as i am a new to speed training. Thanks for any help.

Base of hill.
A single inclination -not steep, as you say- for acceleration work.
Hope it helps!

Thanks for the info Nikoluski…from now on i will sprint hills starting at the base of the hill from a still start. However…i dont understand what you are saying are the best hills for accelleration work…for acceleration work are steeper hills or slightly inclined hills better?..again thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Too much of an inclination will ruin your mechanics; also, I would use hill workouts for targeting acceleration work only.
Hope this is clear now! :slight_smile:

Gotcha…so only use slightly inclined hills for speedwork…thanks for the info