Cone Runs

Hi Charlie or anyone else who can help, I have read on this site somewhere about cone runs being used to improve pick up in the 100m. I have tried a forum search without success. I’m taking it that its different to the ins/out work portrayed in the GPP dvd and that its done over shorter distances if it improves pick up after the drive phase. Look forward to your replies.

the cone runs you are refering to are easy-fast-easy runs. these are usually done 20m easy 20 all out 20 easy. try doing a search on that and see what you find. or try flying 20s

Thanks, I know about flying sprints for maximum speed and the ins/out. I’m sure I have read about a method of using a short roll in then working fast to improve the pick up. Was it something Charlie used with Ben ?

Yes it is:)

I’m not sure its ins and outs though. Can’t remember where I have read about it.

ins & outs is a term KK uses and is like a flying 20 then ease off accelerating and maintain for another 20.

Thanks Guys, I already use the methods you mention. I was just looking for a method of improving the 20-40m section of the 100m for a couple of 16/17 year olds I coach. I thought I had read something on the site but maybe it was mentioned in Speed Trap (no longer have a copy). So if anyone has any ideas I’m always open to suggestion. :wink:

Hard copies of Speed Trap are hard to get now but you can get an E-book copy at the site store if you want. This is also covered in the CFTS training E-book, on the GPP video download and in the archives.

Thanks Charlie, I have the GPP download and have been using roll in work and have built up from 20m/20m to 40m/20m. Would it work to e.g. have a short roll in of 15m followed by 20m maximum intensity concentrating on working the arms fast to improve their 20-40m pick up. They are both around 11.6/11.7 at the moment so obviously reach maximum speed pretty quickly. Their speed endurance isn’t too bad having been working a L-S programme. Welcome your comments.

Yes you can use the 20m after a 15m roll in. the distance in simply controls the speed you enter the ‘zone’ at. the GPP vid explains the emphasis on arms very well. You can clearly see Lindsay lift at the hips as she pumps the arms entering the zone.

Many thanks Charlie, my thoughts on the shorter run in was that it would be less maximum speed development which we have been doing and more on the transition from the drive towards maximum speed. :slight_smile: