Cone-drills, In's and Out's etc...

As I understand it one example of this would be an easy acceleration to 20 meters, followed by a hard acceleration for 20 meters and then cruising for another 20 meters.
I thought of using this to learn to be relaxed when approaching top-speed. Sometimes at around 15 to 20 meters, when I usually experience a noticeable increase in frequency I tighten up slightly.

Any thoughts?

Perhaps the “easy” acceleration zone is too light, causing a “rush” and overstress response during the pickup in the fly zone. Shouldn’t the push-transition phase generate sufficient power to make the flying phase quick, but smooth?

As has been stated before, either the initial zone may be made to be longer in duration or the flying zone shorter!

Strength and power levels play some part in this, as well as CNS readiness and preparation.

TMSSF, thank you for your response.
I should have made it clear that I have not actually done any Ins and Outs yet. The slight tightening up happens during my regular acceleration-runs.

Your reasoning about a too light initial acceleration is however applicable on these runs. Because of a tendency to rush the first steps I have had to conciously hold back a little. This has now become more of an automatic action, resulting in faster steps, and yesterday all my runs where more smooth and relaxed.

The only way I have done fly-ins have been this way;

  1. 0-20m gentle accel going above 50 % by 20m
  2. 20m-40m fast accel, reach peak V. just before or at 40m
  3. 40m-60m Carl Lewis country.(my dreams.) Coast nice.
  4. 60m-80m gentle de-accelleration

That’s how I do regular F20’s too Goose -

I think Thor may be more concerned about using cones to zone his actual accelerations ,-
Charlie’s often talked about changing emphasis of zones within 60m - this emphasis may be quite subtle at times I imagine - and the sort of thing that it would be nice to be coached thru especially where perceived effort and actual speed is concerned .

We do it the same way at practice.

You can have a look atthe DVD in a couple of days and judge for yourself.