concern with skills and vert loss

Ok so ive been doing a lot of studying since i had midterms and everything so i concentrated my time in the gym for about the last month on strength workouts with squats bench press and some back excercises. I didnt have time to play actual basketball until yesterday. Anyway my skills (ie dribbling shooting passing) were obviously rusty but after a couple games i was playing pretty well. Anyway what concerned me was that after a month of strenght training I didnt feel that like I was any stronger in the low post and I know for a fact my vert was less than the last time I played. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? Do I need to convert my strenght gains to power or what?

from my experience you can do all the strength training you want, but if you’re not jumping (even for a month) your vertical will go down. The good news is that it shouldn’t take long to get it back if your strength has been kept steady or increased.

No science to back this up, just what I’ve seen with me.

Your programs sounds like it lacked RFD components and with out an understanding of that your power components will most often diminish no matter how strong you get.